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Terrence "TJ" Nealy

Brand Developer | Storyteller | Content Creator


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After being raised straddling the fence with art on one side and science on the other, I have developed an immense love for both the arts and technology. As a result of this unorthodox duality, I approach every project with sincerity, efficiency, and practicality. Not only can I develop a vision, I also have the skills necessary to create an amazing final product. There is nothing more rewarding than watching someone's emotions brew after viewing my work.

TJ Nealy Shooting Lindzeh Cramer

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Terrence is one of those people that can literally do everything. His technical proficiency is through the roof and when coupled with his creativity, he’s virtually unstoppable.”.

/ Glenn Walker,General Manager, WRWS 99.1 LPFM  /



Currently, I am the Web Content Specialist/Producer at Bethune-Cookman University. I create various institutional videos, photographs, and graphic material for the school's website.

In addition, for the past four years, I have completed numerous freelance projects in the fields of photography, videography, graphic design, and web design. With a degree in mass communications, I am versatile and have various skills including: copywriting, professional video camera operation, drone videography, radio & TV production, social and digital media marketing, and web development & design. 

Whether you’re looking for new content for your website, or a new creative director for your advertising firm, I can help you plan your marketing strategy, write the script, direct the production, edit and post-produce the final product, distribute this new material, and SO much more.


Web Content Specialist

Bethune-Cookman University


Media Support Specialist

Bethune-Cookman University


FReelance Creative



Marketing Manager

Kurt Collis Tennis Academy

2015 – 2017